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Cafe Escondido is majestically placed on the mountainside of Valle Escondido Preserve in Monteverde, a captivating private nature preserve on the edge of a stunning river valley. 


The restaurant is one of the projects on the Valle Escondido property. There is also a small eco hotel/lodge, and a small permaculture farm and educational space for sustainability.  The mission of Valle Escondido is to provide quality experiences that offer a reconnection to nature’s beauty whilst promoting green technology and design.


Working towards being a self-sustainable restaurant and hotel within a private nature reserve, Valle Escondido offers a unique experience for guests combining great tasting and healthy local food, nature, and ecological balance into one location.

Popular with families, we also aspire to be one of the best family restaurants in Costa Rica. 

When visiting Cafe Escondido,

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Stay longer and enjoy our award winning eco-lodge where nature and sustainability meets a fun and luxurious family holiday experience!



Take a walk in protected forest trails, spot tropical birds, gaze out at stunning vistas and waterfalls, & relax with butterflies in the hammock garden...

Enjoy the beauty and wonder of Monteverde's wildlife at night, with one of Costa Rica's oldest and still best Night Tour operators...



Check out our permaculture farm website to learn about our sustainability principles, workshops and eco projects at the Preserve.

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Fundamentally people enjoy experiencing the beauty of natural environments; in fact we are nature.  We believe that people, if given the opportunity, will protect natural environments and engage in regenerative practices to support life on earth. As a tourist destination, Valle Escondido inspires visitors to remember we are nature.

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50 meters south of the Monteverde Butterfly Garden

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