100 meters south of the Monteverde Butterfly Garden

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The hope of Valle Escondido, whether guests come to the farm, hotel, café, night walk or preserve is that they leave with a positive experience that could potentially influence a stronger connection to nature and sustainable practices. Valle Escondido believes that fundamentally people enjoy nature, supporting that connection is part of our mission.  We believe that people, if given the opportunity, will work towards sustainable practices and preservation of natural environments.


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The typical Costa Rican dish, Casado, meaning 'marriage', comprising rice, beans, vegetables, plantain and a choice of meat, fish or cheese. 

We serve a range of delicious pizzas straight from our wood-fired oven.

Our chefs are always creating new combinations of typical Costa Rican cuisine with international twists

Cafe Escondido  sometimes even has a BBQ night!

Some of our regular dishes:


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